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Red Admiral, Sheila Sims

October 2015

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In the autumn animals start to get ready for winter and many, especially the herbivores, will be busy collecting food to store for the cold… Read More »October 2015

grey heron stalking Sheila Sims

September 2015

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September often brings warm, sunny days which are appreciated by butterflies. The Speckled wood, however, prefers some shade and will sometimes be flying on overcast… Read More »September 2015

Hen Pheasant blending in, Sheila Sims

August 2015

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August time, with lovely wild flowers still shining in our Norfolk roadsides and hedgerows but one of our best loved summer sounds, the call of… Read More »August 2015

Bottlenose dolphins, Carl Chapman

July 2015

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Warm colour filled days with butterflies feeding from the lovely summer flowers and the air is buzzing with insects. One that briefly takes to the… Read More »July 2015

Swollen thighed beetle, Mike Sims

June 2015

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Warm summer days and the air is alive with the buzzing of insects going about their business. As they move from flower to flower, feeding… Read More »June 2015

Horse Chestnut flowers, Sheila Sims

May 2015

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The last week in April and the first week in May are usually the best times for Bluebells. These stunning, violet-blue relatives of the Hyacinth… Read More »May 2015

Sycamore flowers, Sheila Sims

April 2015

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The dawn chorus is well under way, with birds singing as soon as there is a hint of daylight, to advertise their territory and attract… Read More »April 2015

Blackthorn blossom, Sheila Sims

March 2015

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Seven miles from the centre of Norwich, in the village of Little Melton, on wet spring evenings, something unusual is going on. People in high… Read More »March 2015

Song thrush... with prey, Mike Sims

February 2015

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The robin has been singing throughout the winter to let everyone know that he owns a particular territory and he will be very aggressive towards… Read More »February 2015

Rose hips & Ivy berries, Sheila Sims

January 2015

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What lovely sunsets we have in the winter with our big Norfolk skies. Sometimes, while driving, I just have to pull over so as not… Read More »January 2015