A Natural Interest

Natural history has been a lifelong passion for me and I’m very grateful that I was born with such a consuming interest. It doesn’t matter where you are there is always something to see, whether it’s that tenacious Buddleia growing out of a building, twelve feet up, ants running about on a pavement, deer dashing across a field or snakes in the compost heap, life is never boring. Seventeen years working as a veterinary nurse brought me into contact with many wildlife patients and they taught me a lot about themselves. After a few years nursing I felt I needed another angle to my job, so did a teacher training course and taught animal care at an agricultural college.

Norfolk is a wonderful county in which to live for those of us who have an interest in natural history and I’m pleased to share this diary, which first appeared in ‘Town & Country News,’ with you all. I hope that my observations and thoughts will give you pleasure. I am always interested to hear about anything you may come across in the natural world and if you have any questions I will try my best to answer them for you.

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© Sheila Sims

August 2016

As well as harvest time it’s also school holidays and when the cries of “I’m bored! What shall we do?” start, and they don’t want to watch the combine harvester, it’s worth looking into other outdoor activities that children can … Continue reading

July 2016

Rainbows must be near the top of the list of nature’s spectacular sights; who doesn’t stop and look when one appears. But a rainbow is not really there, it is an optical phenomenon that can only be seen if you … Continue reading

June 2016

  The summer months bring butterflies flying on warm, sunny days but one that will often be active during overcast weather is the Ringlet; it is able to heat up quite quickly because of its dark, chocolatey colouring. Dark colours absorb … Continue reading

May 2016

    This month it’s going to be rubbish. At least, that’s what the first part of my diary is about and there won’t be any photos because we all know what rubbish looks like, there’s enough of it about. … Continue reading