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Robin, Sheila Sims

December 2016

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December should be a wintery month but the last couple of years have brought some unseasonably mild weather; it’s nice to have a little snow,… Read More »December 2016

Squirrel One of the team! Sheila Sims

November 2016

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November and the days are getting shorter and colder. This is the time of year when many animals are starting to hibernate, driven to do… Read More »November 2016

The Broads, Sheila Sims

October 2016

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October brings autumn colours to our woodlands and Broads with changing leaves and delicate fungi and it is usually still warm enough for a boat… Read More »October 2016

Blackberries… food for wildlife, Sheila Sims

September 2016

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September and the days are getting shorter but there is still some summer left before autumn really starts; good days for walking in woodland. Our… Read More »September 2016

Common seals, Mike Sims

August 2016

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As well as harvest time it’s also school holidays and when the cries of “I’m bored! What shall we do?” start, and they don’t want… Read More »August 2016

Small tortoiseshell on Buddleia davidii, Sheila Sims

July 2016

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Rainbows must be near the top of the list of nature’s spectacular sights; who doesn’t stop and look when one appears. But a rainbow is… Read More »July 2016

Mute swans, Sheila Sims

June 2016

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The summer months bring butterflies flying on warm, sunny days but one that will often be active during overcast weather is the Ringlet; it is able… Read More »June 2016

Small Copper, Sheila Sims

May 2016

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This month it’s going to be rubbish. At least, that’s what the first part of my diary is about and there won’t be any photos… Read More »May 2016

Hen Pheasant nest, Sheila Sims

April 2016

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A piping whistle and a flash of iridescent blue on a springtime walk along a stream and you’ve seen a Kingfisher, albeit very briefly as… Read More »April 2016

Common Toad, Sheila Sims

March 2016

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Because of the mild winter, as well as spring flowers being advanced, many trees and hedges will already have developed buds which should be bursting… Read More »March 2016