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Shaggy caps – Mike Sims

October 2020

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October is full of colour as the leaves change to wonderful reds and golds which, if the strong winds stay away, will stay with us… Read More »October 2020

Roadside poppies, Sheila Sims

August 2020

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Although we are now in midsummer we still get stormy days which give us some lovely skies. The big skies we have in Norfolk are… Read More »August 2020

Honeysuckle – Sheila Sims

July 2020

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Baby hedgehogs are out and about now, but some don’t get much of a chance. They are very vulnerable at this young stage and some… Read More »July 2020

Sycamore seeds – Sheila Sims

June 2020

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Geese are roosting in the barley near us. Coming in the moonlight, casting flying shadows across the bedroom curtains and calling; such a wild sound.… Read More »June 2020

Bluebell – Sheila Sims

May 2020

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In these days of self-isolation contact with the natural world may be limited for some people. Some are not lucky enough to live in the… Read More »May 2020

Alexander, Sheila Sims

April 2020

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Fruit trees are in blossom this month, giving us stunning sights and reminding us that spring is truly here. Also providing pollen and nectar for… Read More »April 2020

Muntjac deer, Sheila Sims

February 2020

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Back in Norfolk the trees are very different from those in the Ecuadorean cloud forests where I took you during the winter. The British trees… Read More »February 2020

Making panpipes, Sheila Sims

January 2020

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Trees in Ecuadorean cloud forests will sometimes grow into strange shapes. They are influenced by light, the sun, availability of water and nutrients and whether… Read More »January 2020

Black-eyed Susan vine, Sheila Sims

December 2019

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The Ecuadorean cloud forests are home to many insects, some of which are still to be identified. All over the world those insects which are… Read More »December 2019