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Autumn leaves, Shiela Dixon

October 2014

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Autumn brings beautiful colour changes to many of our trees. Their leaves turn from green to yellow, orange, red or purple, depending on the species.… Read More »October 2014

Roe Buck and Doe, Nicki Dixon

August 2014

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The summer months bring a pretty, yellow, daisy-like plant into flower on waste ground, road sides, railway embankments and other uncultivated land. This is Ragwort… Read More »August 2014

Azure damselflies about to mate, Mike Sims

July 2014

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If you were a July baby you have a choice of two for your birth flower. One is the Larkspur, a spiky blue flower which… Read More »July 2014

Swallowtail, Sheila Sims

June 2014

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June is a wonderful month for wild flowers; we see them in fields and meadows, along roadsides, railway embankments and any piece of uncultivated land.… Read More »June 2014

Mayfly habitat, Sheila Sims

May 2014

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Mayflies are so called because this is the month when they take to the air to find a mate. There are over 2,000 species and… Read More »May 2014

Hazel catkins 
Sheila Sims

April 2014

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Unlike last year, when the cold, damp spring caused everything to happen later than usual, this year things are very much advanced. Some hay-fever sufferers… Read More »April 2014

March 2014

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Last spring’s daffodils were rather late due to the cold, wet conditions. Although we have certainly had some ‘weather’ this year, let’s hope that we… Read More »March 2014