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Garden snail, Sheila Sims

March 2018

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Although the weather can be a bit wild in March, it is officially the beginning of spring. Some bulbs think it started earlier and have… Read More »March 2018

Elephants enjoying an evening drink, Sheila Sims

Tanzania 3

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As we head off for our last visit to Tanzania, one of the first things we come across is the Ground hornbill. There are two… Read More »Tanzania 3

Zebra, Sheila Sims

Tanzania 2

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Our first stop this month is by the Rufiji River in the Selous Game Reserve. This is one of the largest game reserves in the… Read More »Tanzania 2

Hippo with Water dikop, Sheila Sims

Tanzania 1

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This year we spent most of September in Tanzania, starting in the island of Zanzibar and then moving to the mainland to visit some of… Read More »Tanzania 1

Shaggy ink caps, Sheila Sims

November 2017

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I love the winter sunsets in Norfolk, full of colours that sometimes seem unreal, as though someone has painted the sky.November can be a cold… Read More »November 2017

October morning, Mike Sims

October 2017

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Misty autumn days and the Red deer are rutting. The big stag, which has been king of this area for years, is thrashing the vegetation… Read More »October 2017

Acorns, Sheila Sims

September 2017

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September is the month when a mysterious organism may appear on your lawn and other grassy places. The frothy-looking, white, jelly-like substance, clinging to blades… Read More »September 2017

Peppered moths, usual and carbonaria, Chris Manley, author of‘British Moths Photographic Guide’

August 2017

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This month, in woodland and along hedgerows, you may see the bright red berries of the Cuckoo pint. (Rhymes with ‘mint’ not ‘pint’ as in… Read More »August 2017

Goldfinch, Sheila Sims

July 2017

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A plant that is in flower this month is Privet, except we rarely see these blooms because this is used primarily as a hedging plant… Read More »July 2017