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March 2014

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Last spring’s daffodils were rather late due to the cold, wet conditions. Although we have certainly had some ‘weather’ this year, let’s hope that we… Read More »March 2014

Mute Swans 
Mike Sims

January 2014

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Whether you live in town or country, you may hear eerie screams on frosty January nights. These are not made by wandering, winter ghosts, but… Read More »January 2014

Chinese Water Deer, Mike Sims

November 2013

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November brings a lot of activity around the Norfolk coast. Grey Seals are giving birth at Blakeney Point and their silky, white pups will be… Read More »November 2013

Fly Agaric, Mike Sims

October 2013

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Misty autumn nights and the Red Deer are rutting. The bellowing roars of the stags, as they compete for the hinds, can be heard for… Read More »October 2013

Small Tortoiseshell, Sheila Sims

August 2013

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Family groups of Partridges will be feeding in the fields, now, or running in front of your car forgetting they have wings – they’re so… Read More »August 2013

Growing up, Sheila Sims

July 2013

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The summer months are wonderful for observing insects and grassland is home to many species. If you go on a mini-beast safari make sure you… Read More »July 2013

Hoverfly, Sheila Sims

June 2013

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Alexander or Poppy? Which is Norfolk’s county flower? The Alexander is the first of the umbellifer plants to bloom, easily recognisable by the yellow-green flowers;… Read More »June 2013