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Glaucous gulls, Sheila Sims

January 2019

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Our last month in Svalbard. There are several types of seals in the waters around Svalbard and the two that we saw were the Harbour… Read More »January 2019

Time to think about the birds, Sheila Sims

October 2018

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Autumn’s here and so are many fungi, some edible but some poisonous, so take advice from an expert before you fry up your foraging finds… Read More »October 2018

Speckled wood, Sheila Sims

September 2018

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September is the start of the ‘Daddy-long-legs’ season when the adult Crane flies, of which there are many species, emerge from the damp ground where… Read More »September 2018

Spear thistle, Sheila Sims

August 2018

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Roe deer are in the middle of their rutting season at the beginning of this month but, as we’ve talked about before, there will be… Read More »August 2018

Pond dipping platform at Strumpshaw Fen, Sheila Sims

July 2018

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Summer days and everywhere seems to be full of life. Flowers are buzzing with insects, birds may be rearing their second or third broods, animals… Read More »July 2018

Dinner time for young swallows, Helen Dixon

June 2018

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It’s a sure sign that summer is here when the swallows come back from their winter quarters in Southern Africa. Many return to the same… Read More »June 2018

The Weaver’s Way, Sheila Sims

May 2018

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The Weavers’ Way is famous in Norfolk and runs from Cromer on the north coast of the county to Great Yarmouth on the east coast.… Read More »May 2018

Little Egret, Sheila Sims

April 2018

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After the bad weather we had last month and all the inconveniences (winter seems to come as a complete surprise to Britain every year), nature… Read More »April 2018