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Sparkling violetear, Sheila Sims

November 2019

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I’ve had several emails telling me how much you enjoy our winter travelling – thank you all for those – so this winter I’m taking… Read More »November 2019

Stunning autumn colour, Sheila Sims

October 2019

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It’s time to start feeding the birds. Colder weather will mean that there is not so much natural food about, so peanuts in hanging feeders… Read More »October 2019

Tansy, Sheila Sims

September 2019

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This year has been a ‘Painted lady summer.’ These butterflies arrived in this country in large numbers, starting their journey in North Africa. However, as… Read More »September 2019

Lily pond, Sheila Sims

August 2019

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Honey bees are in trouble. Not only because of the destruction of their habitats and the over- use of chemicals but last year’s strange weather… Read More »August 2019

two bramble flowers

July 2019

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After last months column, in which I included a piece about the Great tits which nested in our garden urn, two people have contacted me… Read More »July 2019

Woody nightshade or Bittersweet, Sheila Sims

June 2019

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This month is right in the middle of the birthing season for Red deer which runs from mid May until mid July; usually one fawn… Read More »June 2019

Rhododendrons, Sheila Sims

May 2019

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This month Rhododendrons start to come into flower and very beautiful they are; Sheringham Park is a good place to see them in all their… Read More »May 2019

Red hinds with last year’s young, Sheila Sims

April 2019

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This month you may come across the very distinctive Drinker moth caterpillar, so called because it likes to drink dew drops from grass stems. This… Read More »April 2019

Pair of Mute swans, Sheila Sims

March 2019

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The North Norfolk coast is a wonderful place to see seals and, in one area, this breeding season has seen the highest number of Grey… Read More »March 2019