February 2020

Back in Norfolk the trees are very different from those in the Ecuadorean cloud forests where I took you during the winter. The British trees are still quite bare at this time of year which makes us aware of how … Continue reading

January 2020

Trees in Ecuadorean cloud forests will sometimes grow into strange shapes. They are influenced by light, the sun, availability of water and nutrients and whether or not they have space among competing trees. A forest can be quite crowded, so … Continue reading

December 2019

The Ecuadorean cloud forests are home to many insects, some of which are still to be identified. All over the world those insects which are brightly coloured have evolved, by natural selection, to be like this either to attract a … Continue reading

November 2019

I’ve had several emails telling me how much you enjoy our winter travelling – thank you all for those – so this winter I’m taking you to the South American country of Ecuador where my husband and I (how very … Continue reading