June 2019

This month is right in the middle of the birthing season for Red deer which runs from mid May until mid July; usually one fawn is born but occasionally there can be two. The hind will hide away to give … Continue reading

May 2019

This month Rhododendrons start to come into flower and very beautiful they are; Sheringham Park is a good place to see them in all their glory. The original wild Rhododendron is native to parts of Asia and the southern Mediterranean … Continue reading

April 2019

This month you may come across the very distinctive Drinker moth caterpillar, so called because it likes to drink dew drops from grass stems. This caterpillar goes into hibernation in October when partly grown, where it spends the winter, to … Continue reading

March 2019

The North Norfolk coast is a wonderful place to see seals and, in one area, this breeding season has seen the highest number of Grey seals born since recording began. On Blakeney Point, which is a National Trust Nature Reserve, … Continue reading