January 2019

Our last month in Svalbard. There are several types of seals in the waters around Svalbard and the two that we saw were the Harbour seal and the Bearded seal. The Harbours seem to like resting on or near the … Continue reading

December 2018

Back to the ice! There are many types of terns in the world but the one we saw in Svalbard was, obviously, the Arctic tern. This bird spends its breeding season in the Arctic then migrates as far south as … Continue reading

November 2018

Several of you wrote to me last winter to say that you enjoyed our safari so this winter I’m taking you away again but somewhere very different from Tanzania – the archipelago of Svalbard. It is part of Norway and … Continue reading

October 2018

Autumn’s here and so are many fungi, some edible but some poisonous, so take advice from an expert before you fry up your foraging finds with the bacon. A lot of fungi associate with trees in symbiotic relationships where each … Continue reading

September 2018

September is the start of the ‘Daddy-long-legs’ season when the adult Crane flies, of which there are many species, emerge from the damp ground where they have been spending the greater part of their lives as Leather jackets, so called … Continue reading