October 2020

October is full of colour as the leaves change to wonderful reds and golds which, if the strong winds stay away, will stay with us for at least another month. In a few years the colours should increase, as the … Continue reading

September 2020

Many birds will be returning to our coasts this month from their summer homes abroad to spend the winter in Britain. In Norfolk Cley Marshes is a favourite place for ducks, geese and wading birds to over-winter. One, which is … Continue reading

August 2020

Although we are now in midsummer we still get stormy days which give us some lovely skies. The big skies we have in Norfolk are one of the many bonuses those of us who live here have. But summer also … Continue reading

July 2020

Baby hedgehogs are out and about now, but some don’t get much of a chance. They are very vulnerable at this young stage and some don’t even get to seeing much of the outside world. When I worked as a … Continue reading