2019 November

I’ve had several emails telling me how much you enjoy our winter travelling – thank you all for those – so this winter I’m taking you to the South American country of Ecuador where my husband and I (how very … Continue reading

October 2019

It’s time to start feeding the birds. Colder weather will mean that there is not so much natural food about, so peanuts in hanging feeders will be welcome. Niger seed will attract Goldfinches but these are also better in hanging … Continue reading

September 2019

This year has been a ‘Painted lady summer.’ These butterflies arrived in this country in large numbers, starting their journey in North Africa. However, as we talked about last year, the ones that leave their wintering home are not necessarily … Continue reading

August 2019

Honey bees are in trouble. Not only because of the destruction of their habitats and the over- use of chemicals but last year’s strange weather pattern with spring being almost a month behind in some parts of the country, meant … Continue reading

July 2019

After last months column, in which I included a piece about the Great tits which nested in our garden urn, two people have contacted me about unusual nesting sites. Debbie and Keith have a pair of Robins which have built … Continue reading