July 2020

Baby hedgehogs are out and about now, but some don’t get much of a chance. They are very vulnerable at this young stage and some don’t even get to seeing much of the outside world. When I worked as a … Continue reading

June 2020

Geese are roosting in the barley near us. Coming in the moonlight, casting flying shadows across the bedroom curtains and calling; such a wild sound. They seem to prefer to feed on the young shoots and will move from field … Continue reading

April 2020

Fruit trees are in blossom this month, giving us stunning sights and reminding us that spring is truly here. Also providing pollen and nectar for pollinating insects, especially bees but it seems that some, particularly bumble bees, may not know … Continue reading

March 2020

March is here and let’s hope it brings better weather than we had last month. Ciara and Dennis may sound like some sort of theatrical double act, with Dennis chasing Ciara across the weather stage, but in fact the poor … Continue reading

February 2020

Back in Norfolk the trees are very different from those in the Ecuadorean cloud forests where I took you during the winter. The British trees are still quite bare at this time of year which makes us aware of how … Continue reading